Do you relate to any of this?
  • Do you feel isolated, that no-one really understands?
  • Are you having conventional treament and wonder whether there is more that can help alongside?
  • Are you exhausted, stuck and suffering with your physical or emotional health?
  • Do you sometimes despair that you can live the life you want to?
  • Can the future seem dark and even scary?
  • Have you unhappiness in a close relationship?
  • Do you need a new approach that is innovative, effective and that can work safely alongside conventional medicine?
“My unique transformational approach creates with you the hope that you can find your power to change your health and then the freedom to follow your heart’s path.”

I have expertise and experience in supporting

  • Serious illness such as cancer, ME, Multiple Sclerosis
  • Any chronic lifestyle limiting illness
  • Emotional difficulties, stress, anxiety, depression, grief
  • Relationship issues
  • End of life challenges
An Integrated Approach To Mind And Body Health (A joined up way of undoing poor health)


The roots of most suffering are past traumatic experiences. These stop our core energy from flowing and result in difficulties physically and emotionally. Talk therapies alone cannot release these destructive cellular memories as they are encoded in the body as well as the mind. My integrated approach can and does lead to emotional balance, resilience and physical wellbeing.


I work face to face in Emsworth in Hampshire. This is easily accessible from Chichester, Portsmouth, Petersfield, Winchester and Southampton. I also work very effectively via Skype and phone.