Hello, I’m Kathy and I help people find their natural place of inner freedom.

Are you experiencing emotional discomfort or distress or poor health? Are you struggling to find the resilience you need to cope with life’s challenges? Perhaps you are struggling with an important relationship? Are you having difficulties with your menopause?

If you’re suffering in some way, you may be thinking of getting some support – whether that be counselling, psychotherapy or coaching – to help you change what you’re currently experiencing.

But how about something deeper, more transformative, more powerful?

Your emotional and physical health are essential for your wellbeing and I can help you with whatever is disturbing this. I can support you to create

  • More emotional well-being
  • Improved health
  • Better relationships
  • More peace with difficult life challenges
  • Better fulfilment in your life and work.

My approach which I call ‘INNER ENGINEERING’ directly changes the state of your nervous system, thoughts and feelings. Together we will gently release the root causes of their dysfunction stored in your cells and in your thoughts and belief system. It can be a surprisingly fast and easy approach. Compassion and even love for yourself and others will naturally strengthen.



The roots of most of our suffering are stored in the cells of our body creating thoughts and feelings. Thoughts and feelings are by-products of cellular memories and conditioning. Much of this is caused by our life experiences and the beliefs that arise from them. These stop our core energy from flowing and result in difficulties physically and emotionally. Talk therapies alone cannot release these destructive cellular memories as they are encoded in the body as well as the mind. My integrated approach can lead to emotional balance, resilience and more physical wellbeing.

An Integrated Approach to Mind and Body Health.


I work face to face in Emsworth in Hampshire. This is easily accessible from Chichester, Portsmouth, Petersfield, Winchester and Southampton. I also work very effectively via Skype and phone.

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