Daily Emotional balancing using SET

Using Simple Energy Therapy (SET)

This means using the EFT points and just tapping over and over as much is possible without using the EFT phrases. The beauty of doing this is its so easy and done persistently it’s very effective in changing the way we think and feel.

So tap over and over all the EFT points leaving out the sore spot including the hand points. In public tapping just the hand points is also effective but more subtle so you are less likely to feel embarrassed. tuning into whats going on emotionally in your mind and body helps their resolution.

When to do SET Tapping

Whenever you have an opportunity do some emotional toning!!! For example watching the TV, waiting for the kettle to boil, when reading, when on the telephone. The more you do it the more effective it is. Build it into your day so that it becomes a habit. Tapping for 20 minutes over a day will definitely help you become more relaxed, the benefits will be felt over a 2-4 week period.

Tap whenever you feel stressed or emotional, you will notice that you quickly move on from that state. It is especially helpful while in a difficult situation for example before a challenging meeting or appointment and during a difficult phone call. When you feel stressed, emotional or anxious tune into how you feel in your body as you tap. Where is it in your body? Does the feeling seem like has it a colour, shape or form? tune into this as you tap and watch it change.

Benefits of SET Tapping

Over time the tapping can bring a significant change in body alarm responses (stress) and general emotional reactivity.

Feeling and therefore problems change over a period of time.

You begin to function in a more successful way, more calm and emotionally balanced, life becomes happier.

Here is a link to a YouTube demonstration of SET Tapping Points