Emotional Resilience

How’s life going for you? Most people I’ve met lately have been feeling under quite a bit of pressure and stress.

Something I believe is really crucial for all of us right now is to develop our Emotional Resilience.

Emotional Resilience may be THE most needed skill in the current challenging and turbulent times where economic uncertainty, financial stress, climate change, natural disasters, the constant threat of terrorism, wars, and the collective anxiety of media-fuelled mass social trauma are taking a heavy toll on people, businesses, and indeed whole countries.

And this isn’t even taking into account the ongoing stress of:

  • managing difficult relationships,
  • dealing with dysfunctional families,
  • coping with challenging careers,
  • handling workplace hassles,
  • and managing the “too many demands”, “too little time” and other ongoing “life” issues that most of us have to struggle with on a daily basis.

Emotional Resilience is the capacity to manage pressure and stress and to bounce back from setbacks and crises. It is an essential survival skill for life. Emotionally Resilient people are able to weather the tough times and come out the other end stronger.

Developing your Emotional Resilience is about being able to manage and change your internal feeling reactions so that you can change your whole life experience.

Think about this:

What is the greatest problem that any of the current challenges in your life cause you? Surely it is how those events or situations cause you to feel. Change your feeling reaction and you change everything.

So if you are finding life particularly challenging at the moment consider the possibility that change is possible and I have the tools to facilitate that. You can transform the way you feel and life can flow more easily.