Emptying Our Vessels, becoming The Wise Woman.

Power and Growth for our Life’s Third Act

This is the inner work for us women to do as we approach our 50’s and from there right the way through to our mid 60’s. Some women are called to start earlier but from conception onwards we accumulate frozen life experiences and limiting beliefs that can separate us from our true nature. Leaning into our wounds and processing the mental and emotional debris of the suffering can lead us to harvesting their gifts, learning and having more energy to act and THIS is what allows us to contribute to life as a Wise Woman. Allowing our suffering and the painful places in us to deepen our connection to Spirit to Life Force/Shakti. At the 2009 World Peace Summit the Dalai Lama said that Western Women will have a big part to play in healing the world.

Cultivating mindfulness, moment by moment self-observation through meditation is an essential part of this journey but so is embodied self-awareness and freedom. The ‘Wise Woman’ knows that her body is a portal to Spirit and that this connection needs to be present while we work, are in relationship to others, mother our children, and contribute in our communities. It’s not enough to be connected when there is the space of a meditation cushion, or on a retreat or doing conscious activity. We are called to be a loving, compassionate, wise presence moment by moment that is committed to growing their capacity for more.

This work is about moving towards more inner contentment, lining ourselves up with our ‘Life Purpose’, finding our power, confidence and freedom to act. This is largely about taking action to clear what’s in the way of Life Force/Shakti freely flowing in us.

So how do we clear our ‘Life Force’ that has been frozen and also created life limiting beliefs?

One effective, gentle and efficient way is with EFT/Emotional Freedom Techniques also becoming known as Neuro-tapping. A foundational application of this approach is called the Personal Peace Process.

  • Do you expend a certain level of energy coping with thoughts around a particular memory from years ago?
  • Do you feel guilt or shame around any aspect of your past?
  • Do you keep bumping into the same kinds of relationship challenges again and again?
  • Do you suspect that you may be numbing yourself with food or other substances or activities to avoid persistent “old” feelings?
  • Do you feel limited in your potential maybe because of confidence issues?

Answering yes to any of these questions, means you are probably carrying stress from events that happened to you in the past.

Making peace with the past and empty your vessel so that more ‘Shakti’ can flow through you and out to the world is a task for a knowing woman.