Finding Your Inner Resilience, Power and the Freedom to follow your Heart’s Path

We Human Beings usually are very un-conscious in the way we create our lives. we are often living in a way that is  almost by accident rather than on purpose. The lives we create are often stressful and full of anxieties about the work we do, the way we feel, our life style, and maybe our relationships.  When the going gets tough, as it does at times in everyone’s life, we don’t have a tool box of ways to help us bounce back.  When we are living in a way that does not best serve us we resort to distractions to try and keep us feeling good, alcohol, food,  holidays, TV, computer games, the internet, sometimes even loveless sex or drugs.

What happens is we live a life that is second best, we are not relaxed and joyful that often, our work, relationships, the environment we live in are not ‘ideal’.  This can become our norm. we feel tired, frustrated, irritable, anxious. We have to just keep on going, it feels as if we have no choice, we survive on the hope that something will get better.

What if there was a way to create the life our heart dreams of, not overnight but in a step by step way. This course provides the tool box for this to become possible.  You will learn strategies, find your own strengths and resources and gain important insights to help you become more resilient to life’s inevitable challenges.  Also most importantly you will discover ways of  creating more power within yourself to change your experience of life and tap into your natural ‘Life Force’ (that we all have in abundance) and create a more authentic you.

This Course will explore, and resource you with the following

  • What is ‘Resilience’, how being a successful human needs us to bounce back from life’s challenges.
  • Strategies we can use, good self care, tools to reduce the stress reponse, Heart Math, Mindfulness Meditation and Emotional Freedom Techniques(EFT). The power of Gratitude, Appreciation and Kindness. Kindness to ourselves is imperative if we are to be happy, successful human beings.
  • Strengths we draw from inside.  Accessing our own power, our Endorphins our ‘Life Force’, self awareness.
  • Resources we can turn to, allies and mentors, the best self help books, CD’s, websites, support groups, places and nature.
  • Insights, awareness of  how your whole person your mind, body, emotions and life force works together.  Understanding and awareness of your stress response and its effects on everything. Also how awareness of your thought’s, beliefs, opinions can create more stress or lead you to a place of acceptance and powerfulness. How connecting to the higher emotions bears fruit.