The 4 Directions of Exquisite Self-Care

I wonder do you realise that many of us function in the world especially in our working life by being in our masculine? We spend time doing , trying, efforting, pushing, always on the go go. Yes we may be successful and we measure that by how busy we are and perhaps how much income we are earning. The adrenalin and cortisol this produces in our systems can feel really good for a while. However this approach often has a price to pay and that’s exhaustion, frustration, and maybe even wanting to withdraw and this can lead to burnout or declining physical health.

How would it be if we functioned with a more feminine approach (this can be useful for men too.) The nature of this is that it feels more natural, more organic, more inspired, and what is happening is our outer life, our doing is flowing through us like a river. The essence of this is that we feel that what we do work from this place it is full of enthusiasm, ease and its hugely effective as we are doing exactly what we are supposed to be doing.

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The Power of Intention

When I work with people one of the fundamental starting points is to set an intention for the outcome and purpose of the change they want to create.

The growing field of Quantum Physics and Quantum Biology is showing us that human beings are a vibrational receiver and transmitter. Our heart’s magnetic field, which is the strongest rhythmic field produced by the human body, not only envelops every cell of the body, but also extends out in all directions into the space around us. The heart’s magnetic field can be measured several feet away from the body by sensitive magnetometers. Research conducted at Heart Math Institute suggests the heart’s field is an important carrier of information. Continue reading

The Deeper Truth of the Menopause

The Sacred Pause – a rebirth of you.

The peri-menopause and the menopause can often be a time in women’s lives that is dreaded and resisted. Our modern-day culture can see it as a negative time of loss of youth and beauty, of mood swings, lack of energy and annoying hot flushes.

What is generally on offer for us is hair dye, anti-wrinkle creams, hormone replacement, the need to hide it and fix it.

As a medical text book says;

A miserable tired woman; droopy boobs, sagging tummy, uterus prolapsed, her vaginas dried up and she’s growing a beard. Oh yes AND she’s depressed!

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Finding Your Inner Resilience, Power and the Freedom to follow your Heart’s Path

We Human Beings usually are very un-conscious in the way we create our lives. we are often living in a way that is  almost by accident rather than on purpose. The lives we create are often stressful and full of anxieties about the work we do, the way we feel, our life style, and maybe our relationships.  When the going gets tough, as it does at times in everyone’s life, we don’t have a tool box of ways to help us bounce back.  When we are living in a way that does not best serve us we resort to distractions to try and keep us feeling good, alcohol, food,  holidays, TV, computer games, the internet, sometimes even loveless sex or drugs.

What happens is we live a life that is second best, we are not relaxed and joyful that often, our work, relationships, the environment we live in are not ‘ideal’.  This can become our norm. we feel tired, frustrated, irritable, anxious. We have to just keep on going, it feels as if we have no choice, we survive on the hope that something will get better.

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The Science Behind the Mind-Body Connection

What controls the fate of our cells, what controls whether they are healthy or sick. is it our genes, are we at the mercy of our inheritance? Well scientists now know that this is not true, instead its the environment that the cells live in that determine their fate. We may fear that because our parents both died of heart disease and maybe some of our grandparents too suffered heart disease we will end up with similar. Or we may fear some other illness its all same same, Cancer, Altzeimers, M.E , Athritis, choose your poison. However change the environment our cells are bathed in and their outcome will be different.

Changing their environment so it’s healthy does not mean just changing their nutritional state by eating well and avoiding toxicity for example by not smoking. or doing exercise to improve the cells endorphin environment and energy capacity. It also means changing the environment of the mind as our cells are constantly bathed in the chemicals our mind/brain creates. Continue reading

Core Stress Release

Core Stress Release is a powerful and fascinating way of releasing pent up tension and deep muscle contraction held within the emotional and physical body as a result of trauma and stress. Try using it daily for 10 minutes for the first 2 weeks and then as you feel the need. Continue reading

Creating Space

One thing that we have observed consistently with recovery is that for many people it can require a considerable amount of your attention and energy. This may sound obvious, yet it is amazing how many people aren’t truly giving themselves the time and care they need to recover.

For many people, because they aren’t able to be as active as they used to be, they assume that they are resting – but seem somehow not to be getting the results that they would expect. In truth, for many people when we look at how they are actually spending their time and energy, very little of it is focused on what we call ‘real’ healing. Without that, our bodies simply do not get the energy they need to do the healing necessary, and crucially, the activities – or lack thereof – such as resting, meditating, nurturing physical activity, even juicing and following a helpful diet, just don’t happen.

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Emotional Resilience

How’s life going for you? Most people I’ve met lately have been feeling under quite a bit of pressure and stress.

Something I believe is really crucial for all of us right now is to develop our Emotional Resilience.

Emotional Resilience may be THE most needed skill in the current challenging and turbulent times where economic uncertainty, financial stress, climate change, natural disasters, the constant threat of terrorism, wars, and the collective anxiety of media-fuelled mass social trauma are taking a heavy toll on people, businesses, and indeed whole countries. Continue reading

Daily Emotional balancing using SET

Using Simple Energy Therapy (SET)

This means using the EFT points and just tapping over and over as much is possible without using the EFT phrases. The beauty of doing this is its so easy and done persistently it’s very effective in changing the way we think and feel.

So tap over and over all the EFT points leaving out the sore spot including the hand points. In public tapping just the hand points is also effective but more subtle so you are less likely to feel embarrassed. tuning into whats going on emotionally in your mind and body helps their resolution.

When to do SET Tapping

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Growing Your Power To Heal

If you send me your name and email address I will send you a link to access your free first powerful tool in my programme that if used regularly, (it takes 10 minutes a day) can start to make a significant change to your health and well-being.

This meditation tool uses a scientifically-validated technique proven to be effective in stress reduction and improving your health and relationships.

During the exercise you will visualise yourself with a positive future and this activates your body’s hormones and neuro-transmitters and starts attracting this to you. The science of Quantum Physics endorses the idea that we are energy and the use of coloured light enhances the flow of healing energy in you body. Continue reading