Emotional Resilience

How’s life going for you? Most people I’ve met lately have been feeling under quite a bit of pressure and stress.

Something I believe is really crucial for all of us right now is to develop our Emotional Resilience.

Emotional Resilience may be THE most needed skill in the current challenging and turbulent times where economic uncertainty, financial stress, climate change, natural disasters, the constant threat of terrorism, wars, and the collective anxiety of media-fuelled mass social trauma are taking a heavy toll on people, businesses, and indeed whole countries. Continue reading

Daily Emotional balancing using SET

Using Simple Energy Therapy (SET)

This means using the EFT points and just tapping over and over as much is possible without using the EFT phrases. The beauty of doing this is its so easy and done persistently it’s very effective in changing the way we think and feel.

So tap over and over all the EFT points leaving out the sore spot including the hand points. In public tapping just the hand points is also effective but more subtle so you are less likely to feel embarrassed. tuning into whats going on emotionally in your mind and body helps their resolution.

When to do SET Tapping

Whenever you have an opportunity do some emotional toning!!! Continue reading

Growing Your Power To Heal

If you send me your name and email address I will send you a link to access your free first powerful tool in my programme that if used regularly, (it takes 10 minutes a day) can start to make a significant change to your health and well-being.

This meditation tool uses a scientifically-validated technique proven to be effective in stress reduction and improving your health and relationships.

During the exercise you will visualise yourself with a positive future and this activates your body’s hormones and neuro-transmitters and starts attracting this to you. The science of Quantum Physics endorses the idea that we are energy and the use of coloured light enhances the flow of healing energy in you body. Continue reading