The 4 Directions of Exquisite Self-Care

I wonder do you realise that many of us function in the world especially in our working life by being in our masculine? We spend time doing , trying, efforting, pushing, always on the go go. Yes we may be successful and we measure that by how busy we are and perhaps how much income we are earning. The adrenalin and cortisol this produces in our systems can feel really good for a while. However this approach often has a price to pay and that’s exhaustion, frustration, and maybe even wanting to withdraw and this can lead to burnout or declining physical health.

How would it be if we functioned with a more feminine approach (this can be useful for men too.) The nature of this is that it feels more natural, more organic, more inspired, and what is happening is our outer life, our doing is flowing through us like a river. The essence of this is that we feel that what we do work from this place it is full of enthusiasm, ease and its hugely effective as we are doing exactly what we are supposed to be doing.

This can happen automatically for some people but I feel that it usually require a lot of inner work in getting the polarity within us of our masculine and feminine balance right. Our self care needs to be as I say be exquisite. It is necessary to attend to this inner work as much as our outer work and during some time periods even more so. Our natural resilience also plays a part as some of us have stronger constitutions but most women especially thrive better with this more feminine way.

I also call this approach ‘The Way of the Heart’. We are then following our inner compass which is based in our hearts. We live with wisdom, compassion and optimum self-love. Our service to the world from this place is the the work we are born to do, our purpose for being alive and it’s done with huge enthusiasm. This is also then the path of living in joy.