The Deeper Truth of The Menopause.

The Deeper Truth of The Menopause. The Sacred Pause – a rebirth of you.

The peri-menopause and the menopause can often be a time in women’s lives that is dreaded and resisted. Our modern-day culture can see it as a negative time of loss of youth and beauty, of mood swings, lack of energy and annoying hot flushes.

What is generally on offer for us is hair dye, anti-wrinkle creams, hormone replacement, the need to hide it and fix it.

As a medical text book says;

A miserable tired woman; droopy boobs, sagging tummy, uterus prolapsed, her vaginas dried up and she’s growing a beard. Oh yes AND she’s depressed!

The peri-menopause is classically from 45 to early 50’s but can be earlier and last later. It can stretch a 10-year span. The menopause starts after bleeding has ceased for 1 year and the changes that follow can last for an average of 4-5 years but can continue for even 10 or more years. The Deeper Truth says that this time period is when the wise, fulfilled, powerful version of a woman can mature and emerge after her time of transformation.

The Deeper Truth of Peri-menopause

Maybe you have been aware that during your monthly cycle you experience times of emotional and physical fragility especially close to your bleeding time. These times are when your inner self is trying to tell you something, its telling you your nervous system is out of balance and to examine what’s causing this. Peri-menopause is the time coming up to the change of menopause, your body is changing, every woman’s body has to change. It’s a time of uncertainty before the shift, your bleeding cycle is disrupted and the emotional and physical fragility that occurred just before bleeding can get stronger because it’s trying harder to get your attention.

So peri-menopause is calling for a life review and reflection. Your body is wise and the symptoms are its messages. Its asking you to look at how you care for your body, your nutrition and activity, its asking you to attend to the life experiences that unprocessed cause emotional turmoil. Your body is calling for nurturing loving relationships and a fulfilling, creative life purpose. It wants you to examine all this. Most of all your body wants self-love.

The Deeper Truth of The Menopause.

The peri-menopause is preparing you for your journey into change, the menopause, a shift, releasing the old self and embracing your true wise, wild freedom and power. It’s a time of letting go of the younger roles of being a carer for your family or being in service to roles where you are giving and giving of yourself. Your brain and nervous system is changing as part of the inevitable process. The part of the brain called the temporal lobe is developing so that you can become the wise woman for your family and community. The hot flushes, the emotional and physical changes are all part of the essential change needed for you to become this new version of yourself. This is a time when your nervous system and especially your adrenal glands need balancing and supporting so that your hormones adjust and work well. It’s a time for trust, patience and letting go. In the chrysalis, a caterpillar is dissolving its old form in order to emerge as a beautiful butterfly, this is your process too.


A Way Forwards

If you are a woman struggling with fear, emotionally or physically suffering and you are in menopause or approaching it soon specific, experienced support is now available. It’s time to take a conscious approach and reach out and receive. The support I offer can

  • Improve your nutrition and your all-important gut biome, nourish and move your body with what it needs to experience the menopause more gently.
  • Give you suggestions of what herbs and homeopathic remedies can make a difference.
  • Guide you through a life review to enable you to let go of the past experiences that are still running your emotions.
  • Teach you simple tools and practices to soothe and balance your nervous and hormonal systems.
  • Help you find your meaning and life purpose.
  • Tune you into your inner wisdom and higher guidance.
  • Help you establish nurturing, enjoyable, loving relationships.
  • Ensure you come through your menopause transition into your powerful, free, sexy, fulfilled, wise self.

Do get in touch for a free way forwards 30 minute conversation via phone. online or in person.