The Science Behind the Mind-Body Connection

What controls the fate of our cells, what controls whether they are healthy or sick. is it our genes, are we at the mercy of our inheritance? Well scientists now know that this is not true, instead its the environment that the cells live in that determine their fate. We may fear that because our parents both died of heart disease and maybe some of our grandparents too suffered heart disease we will end up with similar. Or we may fear some other illness its all same same, Cancer, Altzeimers, M.E , Athritis, choose your poison. However change the environment our cells are bathed in and their outcome will be different.

Changing their environment so it’s healthy does not mean just changing their nutritional state by eating well and avoiding toxicity for example by not smoking. or doing exercise to improve the cells endorphin environment and energy capacity. It also means changing the environment of the mind as our cells are constantly bathed in the chemicals our mind/brain creates. If the mind is often thinking stressed anxious thoughts it is often releasing stress hormones and inflammatory agents such as cytokines into the blood. So changing the way we think can change the fate of our cells. The way the mind calibrates our blood’s biochemistry therefore controls our biology and genetics.

The really important thing about the mind to realise is that the way it works is 95% unconscious. This means what is going on is programmed by our past experiences often before the age of 7 and its encoded in our sub conscious. I will write more about this next month!!

So to improve the environment of our cells and change their fate consider doing the following.

  1. Do a conscious mind review: be “conscious” of what you ask for. Thinking about what you don’t want becomes to the mind what you are asking for!
  2. Subconscious mind review: Be aware of the programming you have received.
  3. Take advantage of tools to reprogram your sub conscious, including energy psychology (aka super learning), Hypnosis, subliminal tapes, and meditation/mindfulness.
  4. Practice appreciation, gratitude and acts of kindness.
  5. Take action towards bathing your cells in a healthy environment take small steps every day!!