Therapeutic Approach

I practice Integrative Medicine. This means that when I am working with you I combine my knowledge and experience of what works in conventional medicine with what I have discovered as the best of psychological and complimentary approaches.

As humans we are far more than just a body that needs fixing, we are our mind and its thoughts, our emotions and how they feel and a power that is greater than us that also flows through us which is our energy system.

In understanding and improving our health we must attend to the health and nourishment of all aspects of ourselves. Most particularly, to be really well, we must base our lives upon the fulfilment of our own authentic desires, needs and purpose, moving bit by bit away from influences which really do not serve us.

My personalized approach to well-being develops your potential as a human. It focuses on four areas.

  • Learning how to skillfully work with your stress and its root causes in your life experiences.
  • Accessing states of consciousness that support well-being, creativity and your inner development
  • Supporting you in shifting your way of being from one that is fear-based, controlling and inauthentic to one rooted in courage, awareness and authenticity.
  • Transforming ‘barriers to healing’; despite our best attempts to change, our subconscious can stop the way forward.

My Approach facilitates deep lasting change and a way of being that is authentic, joyful, creative and free.

“I walk alongside and guide, mentor and support my clients to see more clearly what they personally need to take themselves forward. I then coach, counsel and work with the energy field of my clients as they begin to take responsibility for their own health and find their own unique route towards a feeling of wellbeing.”