Counselling and Wellness Coaching


Within my practice I use counselling skills acquired over many years of building my practice in different disciplines.

In 1988 I studied a diploma course at The Centre for Counselling and Psychotherapy Education London Person Centred Counselling. Since then I have built on my counselling skills in my practice as a Research Nurse managing a population of patients with an inherited heart disorder. I then worked for CRUSE the Bereavement Charity for 10 years.

During my homeopathy training there was much emphasis on communication skills. In effect I have over a long period of time gained very effective rapport and self-awareness bringing skills that enable my clients to feel safe, heard and able to process their thoughts and actions to bring transformation.

I walk alongside and guide, mentor and support my clients to see more clearly what they personally need to take themselves forward. I facilitate as my clients begin to take responsibility for their own health and find their unique route towards freedom.

Wellness Coaching

The aim of coaching is to create specific improvements in a person’s future. Our work together will be focused on creating your positive future. This will arise naturally from connecting with a realisation about the kind of life you are really supposed to live. My approach feels natural and allows your body, mind, emotions and life force to be in harmony. Health and wellbeing automatically follow.

Together we will find small, significant changes that you can make in your life that you will feel enthusiastic about. On this step-by-step path forward you will feel supported and encouraged. Action, persistence and success naturally follow.

My coaching approach does not come from a solely business model as many do. I have trained specifically with leaders in the field who know how to change your health. These are leading Integrative Doctors and include Dr Rosy Daniels, Dr Mark Atkinson and Dr Chris Johnstone.

Often one of the most important areas of life that needs to be addressed with my clients is around their work and their life purpose. Doing the work you were born to do and living an authentic life leads to health and vitality. In the coaching side of our work together you can start to see more clearly the true direction your life wants to take.