Feminine Wisdom

The Feminine Wisdom gives a voice and a language to a reality which looks after the heart, soul and body of every living being.

I am gentle and receptive, I listen deeply and intuitively hear your inner calling and knowing. I then reflect that back to you and the aha you receive is a signal to germinate that seed inside you to take appropriate effective action to create change. You will see just what is keeping you stuck.

I will encourage you to go in and listen to the wisdom of your own deep knowing which you can hear in the stillness.  You do know your way forwards but you have simply forgotten to listen.

Within each of us, deep within our core, we have wisdom, insight and a subtle knowing of what is our truth. A ‘Crone’ is usually thought of as an older woman who uses her skills to help others. However the term ‘Crone’ has a wider application in that it can refer to either females or males who access their intuitive talents and use them for supporting the world around them.

Our true nature is beyond gender, however, in human beings’ reality manifests as the masculine and feminine. This is to be embraced. The masculine and feminine energies live within each one of us.  For a long time now the masculine has dominated the way the world functions and the earth and humans are suffering. At this time in human history we need feminine wisdom to emerge and be cultivated so that we can create a new paradigm of balance and cooperation to meet the challenges facing the world today.

The Dalai Lama said that he is a feminist. And he opined that Western women will save the world. The feminine is in everyone.

My hope is that everyone who joins me will come to know and embody their own inherent wisdom and truth, each in their own way, and in the process, bring the feminine more fully into our world.