The Healing Code

This healing modality was discovered by Alexander Lloyd in America who felt desperate to help his wife with her serious clinical depression (which was healed within 3 weeks of regularly using it). His findings were first published just last year. His book was the bestseller on the Amazon Mind Body Spirit list.

Since the healing of his wife using this approach, he has had many other positive results including other serious chronic disease.

The Healing Code affects Heart Rate Variability (HRV, the gold standard medical test for measuring stress in the autonomic nervous system). The Healing Code’s affect on HRV far beats any other healing modalities effect on stress. This is because it gets to the roots of the stress.

Emotional and physical symptoms in the body are the result of stress in the body which arises from traumatic events stored from the past (including our ancestors, read about the science of epigenetics) which disrupted the bodies energy system and then get triggered over and over by our thoughts and what we attract into our lives.

AIT Advanced Integrative Therapy

First developed in 1998 by Asha Clinton an American professor of psychology and Buddhist and Sufi practitioner. Its a therapeutic modality that has similar foundational ideas to EFT but it clears frozen energy in a way that is useful when there are multiple difficult experiences such as in childhood trauma. AIT is solidly based in psycho dynamic, cognitive and behavioural psycho therapeutic modalities.

CRM Comprehensive Resource Model

CRM is a neuro-biologically based extremely effective, powerful and ground-breaking trauma treatment model that brings lots of flexibility and creativity and was developed by Lisa Schwarz in the USA.

CRM allows clients to be educated and equip themselves with resources that help them to drop into their deep body felt senses that lead them to where the trauma is seated that interferes with their normal functioning and keeps them from achieving their full potentials.  Clients  remember, re-process and release their traumatic memories from their nervous system. This process slowly breaks old patterns of often destructive behaviour where new perception and truth of life emerges and provides the opportunity for growth.

Time after time clients’ feedback is that CRM has taken them to places where they have never been before during other types of therapy, it taught them to be attuned to their body while also safely processing deep  material.